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The Bullying Intervention Group BIG Award for Workplaces
Following the huge success of our BIG Award for schools and children's services, Bullying Intervention Group is now extending the BIG Award to workplaces

Workplace bullying can be an issue for any company.

It can cause problems both for management and employees, affecting:

Recruitment and Retention

Loss of management time
Loss of reputation as an employer of choice

But there are also hidden costs for organisations, such as a drop in morale, time spent on grievance procedures, preparing for tribunals and managing bystander anxiety and distraction. Presenteeism is common - when the targeted employee comes in to work but does not work effectively.

In times of change, re-structuring and  downsizing, it is thought that allegations of bullying increase. When staff are distressed the fine line between managerial leadership and a perception of bullying can be difficult to navigate.

It is therefore essential that  workplace bullying is managed effectively.

Working towards the BIG Award involves expert training leading to quality practice.

To achieve the BIG Award, a company is required to meet key criteria and to evidence this in an electronic portfolio template. When the portfolio is complete, it is submitted to BIG and an assessment is undertaken to ensure that the company is meeting the required standards. 


See a simple step by step way to join the BIG Award at work

A full, accredited training programme in all aspects of workplace bullying is provided by our partner training company, Paradigm Campbell  Associates click below to see their website


To find out more, see a quick presentation on BIG Award at work.

If the company achieves the award they will then receive the BIG electronic logo and plaque to display.



 Workplace Big Award Limited - Company Registration No. 07844160


We do not share information received with any other party.  Any data, survey results or information received of any kind will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.  We do not share data regarding company contact details etc. with any other party.  If a company agrees to allow us to share their good practice or use quotes etc from their this may appear on our website with their prior agreement.




  • Has your organisation recognised bullying taking place, or are they in denial?
  • Do your staff fear the consequences if they report it?
  • Do you have clear procedures to follow in your workplace?
  • Do staff have confidence that bullying will be dealt with effectively?
  • If not, your organisation could benefit from this programme

Britons are among the world’s most bullied workers, with seven in 10 admitting to being bullied by bosses or colleagues. A survey by recruitment company Monster, questioning 16,517 workers in 53 countries, discovered a quarter of Brits find the bullying and cruel jibes so upsetting it dramatically affects their performance at work. Some 10% admitted they had even been physically attacked in the workplace. Huffington Post UK 9.1.12

It is estimated that in 2007, 33.5 million days were lost by UK organisations due to bullying related absenteeism.
Dignity at Work

Work related stress is the biggest occupational cause of absenteeism through injury or ill-health
Bullying is likely to account for 10-20% of this cost.
(Beswick, Gore and Palferman (2006) 

60% of Britian's workers have been bullied, things are worse in the economic downturn.  Read more about this 2012 study by Career Builder  here


If your organisation already has excellent anti-bullying practice and would like to be rewarded for your efforts, why not consider the criteria required for the BIG Award? if you feel that you have achieved our standard of excellence in challenging bullying, sign up and show how you meet our criteria. When you achieve this award, make sure everyone is aware of it by having the BIG Award plaque and logo displayed in your workplace!



 This scheme is simple, easy to follow, and will help workplaces ensure that:

  • staff feel confident and can work with dignity and work more efficiently in a friendly atmosphere

  • sickness and absence costs are reduced

  • re-recruitment and training costs are reduced

  • litigation is less likely, and this award will prove that the company understands the need to protect staff from bullying and has met a nationally compared standard to achieve this

  • potential employees will find working for the company a better prospect because of its excellence in challenging bullying



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